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Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) employs positive approaches and principles to effect significant and positive behavioural change.

What exactly is Applied Behaviour Analysis?

Many experts consider ABA therapy to be the “gold standard” therapy for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other developmental disorders in children. It focuses on gradually strengthening social, communication, and abilities through positive reinforcement.

Ark boasts some of the greatest Autism experts in Virginia who use an evidence-based strategy to enhance these children’s functional, social, and quality of life.

How is ABA therapy delivered to children with ASD or other developmental disabilities?

For children with autism, ABA therapy offers comprehensive, individualised, and intensive early intervention programmes. These treatments, which are intended to begin before the age of four, cover a wide variety of life skills, from communication and sociability to self-care and school preparedness. 

How effective is ABA as a treatment method for children with ASD or developmental disorders?

According to research and academic articles, ABA is one of the most successful techniques for assisting children with ASD. It is a collaborative effort between therapists and parents to stabilise ASD behavioral by reinforcing positive behaviours, developing communication and social skills, and training parents to successfully communicate with their children. ABA attempts to reduce symptoms, develop skills and abilities, and maximise the child’s functions and community engagement.

ABA is a commonly used and widely acknowledged therapy strategy among healthcare professionals worldwide. Based on a review of the family and physical environment and its influence on the client’s behavioral, ABA is adjusted to the individual needs of the kid. The focus of ABA remains on developing clients’ social and communication skills, as well as training parents in effective management of ASD-related behavioral. Participation and collaboration between parents and therapist(s) are critical to reaching the milestones.

How does receiving ABA services from ARK work?

  • A Board-Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) would assess the kid to establish his or her requirements, define treatment goals, and highlight helpful milestones.
  • This examination would necessitate parents providing additional information about their child’s strengths and areas of difficulty.
  • The BCBA constructs the treatment plan and sets the initial and terminal goals based on evaluation, a review of reports, and feedback from parents.
  • The goals aid in gradually increasing the set of abilities that the child will need to learn in order to function to the best of their potential.

  • The BCBA will create a behaviour intervention plan for the kid in order to reduce interfering behaviours.

  • The child would next be treated by one or more technicians under the supervision and instruction of the BCBA.

  • The BCBA tracks the child’s progress towards his or her goals.


What are some of the fundamental ABA ideas practised at ARk?

  • The analyst meets with family members and program personnel on a regular basis to plan, review progress, and make adjustments as needed.
  • Parents, family members, and carers are trained to assist in learning and skill practice throughout the day.
  • The client’s day is arranged to provide several opportunities for skill acquisition and practice in structured and unstructured, scheduled and unplanned scenarios.
  • Positive reinforcement is lavished on the client for exhibiting useful talents and socially desirable behaviors. Positive social relationships and pleasurable learning are prioritized.
  • No reinforcement is given to the client for behaviors that are harmful or inhibit learning.

What kind of results can be expected from ABA?

The goal of ABA is to provide the kid the ability to communicate properly and completely function in their surroundings. Interventions are designed to maximise progress. However, depending on the skill areas, each child progresses at a different rate. A continuous, persistent, and rigorous effort, as well as collaboration with parents, may often result in the finest therapy results.

Who is qualified to deliver ABA services to my child or the child to whom I am referring?

In most circumstances, your kid will get direct therapy from a therapist or behavior technicians (BTs) who have been trained and supervised by a BCBA. The BCBA has a postgraduate degree in psychology or behavior analysis and is certified to deliver such treatment through a national board certification exam and a state licence.